Pilates is an innovative exercise method, which improves flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.

Shannon has developed a unique brand of Pilates, which goes beyond the traditional approach. SC/PT™ Pilates is a dynamic and up-tempo system that focuses on rhythm, pace and flow. Shannon’s techniques promote muscular flexibility and joint mobility, which can alleviate any back or body ailments.

Through retraining your breathing, you will feel more calm and centred, which will lower stress levels, provide greater relaxation and improve sleep. Participating in SC/PT™ Pilates will set you on a path to feeling uplifted and invigorated, with a renewed feeling of overall wellness.

Pilates classes can be offered on a private, duet basis or as a group session.

Private Sessions  (All sessions are 60 minutes in duration)

Consultation and assessment – £150

1 session – £120
5 sessions (Bronze) – £550 (only £110 per session)
10 sessions (Silver) – £1000 (only £100 per session)
20 sessions (Gold) – £1900 (only £95 per session)

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Duet sessions

1 session – £75 (per client)
5 sessions – £350 (only £70 per session, per client)
10 sessions – £650 (only £65 per session, per client)
20 sessions – £1200 (only £60 per session, per client)

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Group Sessions (a maximum of 10 people per group)

1 session – £35
Eight-week group course – £200 (only £25 per session)

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All sales are final. Each set of sessions expires three months from date of purchase.

24-hour cancellation policy applies to each session.

Pilates Fitness London
"If one of your goals is to get more fit & toned then Shannon is your guy as he pushes & motivates you to achieve the best possible result which will be noticeable already after few sessions. It’s hard work, full of sweat but fun & best part he mixes exercises to challenge your body even more .. no boring routines. Highly recommend!"
- Inga Abramovich
"Shannon is excellent at motivating you and his ability to mix sessions up keeps training fun!"
- Alex Pindar
"SC/PT™ Pilates is the perfect experience to build your mind, body and spirit and will benefit you in all aspects of your life."
- Kate Wilson