Health Coaching

Do you want to feel youthful and alive? How would it feel to live your life in peak physical health?

Regardless of the physical, mental or emotional shape you are in right now, Shannon can show you how to take control of your health. Shannon’s Health Coaching program will guide you through his Master Your Health™ 8 key principles. This program will significantly enhance your health, wellness and vitality.

The Health Coaching program is delivered as a 6 week or 12 week coaching program. The 6 week program is designed to kick-start your wellness journey. The 12 week coaching program goes deeper and is aimed to re-program your lifestyle behaviours so that you can implement the key principles to maximum effect.

The program involves a 30-minute Skype call each week, which will:

  • Define and assess the current health status of the client
  • Educate and motivate clients on ‘how’ to implement the key Master principles
  • Identify any challenges that may be holding the client back
  • Encourage accountability for the client’s commitments, actions, and progress
  • Support and personally guide the client to achieve their optimal wellness
  • Offer tips and resources to motivate and inspire
  • Instill an ongoing commitment to making health and wellness a central part of the client’s everyday life.

Shannon has coached and inspired many people to make profound lifestyle changes so they can maximise their health and overall wellbeing. This has led to tangible results, including improved mental and physical health; weight loss; reduced stress; enhanced self-esteem; and improved vitality.


  • 1 hour introduction on the SC/PT™ principles £150
  • 6 sessions £360 (£60 per session)
  • 12 sessions £660 (£55 per session)

All sales are final. Each set of sessions expires three months from date of purchase.

24-hour cancellation policy applies to each session.

SC/PT Health Coaching

“Shannon is the best at what he does – a first-class personal trainer, all round health and lifestyle advisor, with a great attitude to life. Your life will be greatly improved by having Shannon coach you to better health and vitality.” (Nick)