30-Day Total-Body Makeover™

Would you like transform the way you look and feel in a mere 30 days?

Shannon is the ‘go-to’ guy for anyone who wants to see a ‘speedy’ transformation with his or her mind, body and spirit. Shannon has created a highly effective 30-day program for getting you motivated, focused and determined to get in shape.

The 30-Day Total-Body Make-over™ is an easy to follow, step-by-step plan that will set you on the path to getting in the best shape of your life. This program is not about fitness myths, faddy diets or exercise gimmicks. This program is specifically about having the right program for you, the right coach and the right tools and information.

Shannon has helped countless people get into great shape. He is a world-class motivator and has the ability to motivate his clients to follow through to the end on their commitments. Shannon believes that the key to your success in this program is to make small, daily lifestyle changes, every day with his support for the entire 30 days. He is an expert at what he does and has a proven-track record of empowering people to reach their ultimate goals.

This program will tell you what to eat, when to eat it and how much of it to eat. The program will instruct you in exactly what cardiovascular and resistance training exercises you need to do, and precisely how much of it. This combination of nutrition and training will stimulate your metabolism to burn body fat pronto, and you will not go hungry or want for food.

The 30-Day Total-Body Make-over™ is a 4-week program in which the client does 4 x 60-minute personal training sessions per week with Shannon. The frequency, intensity and design of this program ensure that the client’s motivation and adherence to the plan remains high.

Each week Shannon will do a review, which involves:

  • Evaluating the 7-day food diary in accordance with the meal plan
  • Body pictures from the front, back and side to assess progress
  • A measurement of your personal success by using methods including reducing weight on the scales or losing inches with the tape measurements
  • A recap on the ‘motivational drivers’ causing you to want to improve your health, fitness and body-shape.

Shannon’s clients will see positive results within the 30-day timeframe if they stick to the structure of the program. By the end of the 30-days most clients choose to continue with the program to either maintain their progress or reach further positive results. This intensive program works on a deeper level by promoting behavior, lifestyle and habitual changes. This is the most powerful and impressive aspect of the program’s structure.


A 4-week program (4 sessions per week) £1360


All sales are final. Each set of sessions expires three months from date of purchase.

24-hour cancellation policy applies to each session.

SC/PT 30 Day Total Body Makeover

“Shannon has helped me to lose more than 5kg of fat in 30 days, keeping me fit and focused despite me having no taste for sports. I have experienced a significant increase in self-confidence and happiness in a very short space of time training with SC/PT™”. – David