Why Train With SC/PT™?

If you want to be trained by a vibrant, excited and motivated trainer then SC/PT™ is the choice for you. Shannon is excellent at what he does and is totally passionate about making a difference in other people’s lives. He offers a wide array of advanced training techniques and is fully committed to continuously sharpening his skill set and knowledge base.

Shannon is a highly qualified trainer and strongly experienced at designing individualised programs in alignment with the needs and requirements of the client. He is highly adaptive to individual needs and has the ability to respond quickly to the changing needs of both the client and the environment.

Shannon is trained and has the skill set to:

  • Carry out fitness assessments and lifestyle audits
  • Design custom-made exercise programs to individual goals
  • Offer nutritional and weight management advice as a service
  • Tailor requirements for specific groups and needs, including older adults, pre/post-natal mothers, sports conditioning and medical conditions
  • Offer services relating to injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Provide psychological strategies to promote lifestyle and behavior change
  • Give psychological tools to increase client motivation
  • Deliver a bespoke level of customer service, care and support.

The attributes that SC/PT™ prides himself on are being:

  • Passionate about health and fitness
  • Professional with a client-focused attitude
  • Totally focused on the needs of the client
  • Highly motivating and results-driven
  • Organized, punctual and reliable
  • Friendly, open, honest and encouraging
  • A strong leader and communicator
  • Supportive, positive and empathetic with all clients.

Shannon sets really high standards for himself, his clients and his business. He consistently does his best to ‘under-promise and over-deliver’ with all of his services. Shannon attends every session well planned, organized and goal-focused so that clients get his full attention, expertise, coaching and energy. He is very demanding in the expectations of himself and that of his clients.

For an understanding of Shannon’s client experiences view the testimonials video.