Client Testimonials

“I am now reaching my ultimate body shape. Shannon’s energy is simply contagious.
I wanted faster results after a recent C section, and I am so glad I have selected Shannon as my trainer to help me with my fitness goals. He is a top trainer (and I have had quite a few in my life). I am now reaching my ultimate body shape. Shannon’s energy is simply contagious. He is very charismatic. He pushes you to reach your maximum potential. And then even further again!”

- Lina Sheldon


“Shannon’s appetite for your personal achievement and you reaching your goals is insatiable.
His drive, determination and enthusiasm for your progress and success are something I have never experienced before. His gruelling PT sessions are completely absorbing and enormously fun all at the same time. His knowledge base is immense. I feel fitter, leaner and more alive than I have ever felt before.”

- Emily Reed

Project Manager, SW15 Refurbs

“Shannon has the most wonderful energy that I couldn’t resist and he gives so freely.
His energy would last within me until the next time I trained with him. I am fitter, stronger and more defined than I have ever been and I continue to improve each session. Shannon gives me so much more than I would expect from a personal trainer, because he not only trains me for the gym, but for life.”

- Boris Cousins

Technical Director, Timewatch Plc

“SC is a man on a mission. It’s about commitment and mental toughness.
If you give Shannon your commitment, you’ll get his in spades. After ten unique sessions, I was fitter, faster, stronger and tougher and together we continue to achieve.”

- Will Clark

Property Developer, Wildcroft LTD

“Leave your ego at the door, go to bed early and get yourself ready to train with Shannon.
He somehow always knows when you’re holding back which means you reach new limits every session and produce your best results ever. Training with Shannon has taught me about the commitment it takes to reach my goals.”

- Clio Boyce


“I am impressed by Shannon’s approachability, enthusiasm, professionalism and ability to make me sweat.
Shannon developed several bespoke programs that have 100% delivered, seriously amping up my strength, endurance and general fitness. Shannon will give you the motivation, tools and knowledge to achieve your objectives and obtain serious results!”

- Nisha Sawhney

Senior Lawyer, Rio Tinto

“We all have a power running through us. Shannon has this driving energy coursing through him by the bucket load.
Call it what you will – life force, chi, spirit, joie de vivre. Whatever language you say it in, Shannon has this driving energy coursing through him by the bucket load. It is wonderful to behold and it is infectious. My mental well-being and physical fitness are now at levels that I have never known or experienced because of Shannon.”

- David Johnston

Managing Director, Accept & Proceed

“The key attribute that stands out about Shannon is his extreme enthusiasm.
I quickly realised he backs it up with a lot of knowledge. Every single goal I have set in the last two years, whether strength, fat stripping or even endurance work for half-marathons, has been met. I simply feel happier in my own body.”

- John Goodacre

Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

“Shannon is all about RESULTS. ​You only have one body, so why trust it to anyone else?
He mixes up our sessions so I’m never bored and he gives me programs outside of our sessions to maximise my gains. You only have one body, so why trust it to anyone else?”

- James Goolnik

Dentist, Owner of Bow Lane Dental

“For the last 5 years I have been plagued with a bad back to the point where I considered the surgery option. ​With Shannon’s help, I feel truly rehabilitated.
SC/PT™ Pilates includes exercises and stretches that are custom designed and that have transformed my back. I already feel truly rehabilitated and have been able to re-join a gym and get back into sport, something I had given up on!”

- Matthew White

Head of Design & Project Management, Nando’s

“With a leap and a bounce Shannon’s limitless energy is just what is required to provide a truly valuable and enjoyable training session.
He is quick to adapt and understand individual needs to create a tailored workout which, in my opinion, cannot be bettered elsewhere.”

- Billy McGinty

Producer, Sky Sports

“Shannon doesn’t waste a minute of your time and each training session he pushes me that little bit further.
I am reaching levels of strength and fitness that I could never have imagined. He genuinely wants you to be the best that you can be and that not only applies to the gym but also to your life outside.”

- Sally Anne Smith

Account Director, The Marketing Company

“Shannon’s classes are nothing short of top notch!
They are varied, challenging and incredibly awarding. As an instructor, Shannon is extremely motivational, professional and personable. It is always great fun joining his classes. Highly recommended!”

- Louisa Kormendi

Director, The Chelsea Football Club

“Shannon knew exactly how hard to push me from the very first session.
Shannon’s consistency is what sets him apart: he offers new routines to make sure he provides a gold standard service. He has also given me terrific advice and guidance on leading a healthy and positive lifestyle.”

- Will Chitty

Freelance Filmmaker